We are pleased to announce the collaboration between the Torre dei Lari Historic Residence and the Strozzi Machiavelli Agricultural Company that will provide organic food to our guests.

They are products of the garden, such as tomatoes of various cultivars, courgettes, aubergines and peppers, fruits, honey, oil, vinegar and even craft beer. All certified organic food, grown naturally and in land adjacent to the garden of the Residenza d’Epoca, then to zero kilometers and without even passing through the refrigerator. The products are collected daily and arrive directly in the kitchen of the Residence, to be offered as meals to guests.

The guests of Torre dei Lari can also visit the Strozzi Machiavelli Agricultural Company, participate in agricultural activities (in compliance with current legislation) and have a privileged treatment if they decide to buy company products or join the initiatives proposed by A.A. Strozzi Machiavelli.

For any information you can refer to the Facebook page of the Farm

Azienda Agricola Strozzi Machiavelli


The women and men who constituted the Strozzi Machiavelli Agricultural Company in 2017 by purchasing a long uncultivated land in Marignolle on the hill behind Bellosguardo started from the consideration and the awareness that something, in the natural balance, is disintegrating and that we have to run away until we are on time. We can do this by preferring and buying organic food, products that do not pollute or contaminate nature with chemical or synthetic additives, without the intensive exploitation of livestock, in full compliance with the rhythm of the seasons and the rotation of the land, and subjecting the final products to control of specific certification bodies. In this regard, there is also talk of “traceability” of organic food, alluding to this term the ability to rebuild and follow the production and use of an agri-food product through identifications documented and certified by a special control body. The Azienda Agricola Strozzi Machiavelli opens the doors of its land every day to allow those who want to “touch” the life of the fields