Cantine Aperte in Tuscany
Cantine Aperte in Tuscany

The 25th edition of Cantine Aperte, born in 1993, is scheduled for Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May from North to South of Italy. From tastings to visits to the vineyard, there will be numerous initiatives of open wineries in Tuscany.
In fact, over 80 wine cellars will be in Tuscany that on Sunday 28 May will celebrate the 25 years of Cantine Aperte opening their doors to winelovers and this year’s novelty is the collaboration between Tuscan Wine Tourism Movement (Movimento turismo del vino Toscana) and the International School of Comics in Florence, With the arrival of cartoonists in the cellars.
Open Wine Cellars is the most popular event of Wine Tourism Movement: Wine Tourism Movement, founded in 1993, is a nonprofit association that includes about 1000 of the most prestigious Italian cellars selected on the basis of specific requirements. First of all, the quality of wine-making reception.
Cantine Aperte is the most important wine tourism event in Italy. On the last Sunday of May, the wine cellars of Wine Tourism Movement open their doors to the public, favoring direct contact with wine enthusiasts. Cantine Aperte in Tuscany, as in the other Italian regions, has over time become a philosophy, a style of travel and discovering the territories of Italian wine, which sees more and more tourists every year, curious and enthusiastic about approaching the cellars, eager to Make a different experience from the common.
As well as being able to taste wines and buy them directly to the farm, you can go to the cellars to discover the secrets of winemaking and refinement. The protagonists of Cantine Aperte in Tuscany are young people, couples and couples who contribute to the innumerable initiatives of gastronomic and artistic culture that flourish around the event all over the country, at the initiative of the same vintners.
Cantine Aperte in Tuscany has gained a growing success over time, thanks also to a greater awareness of producers, who have seen unexpected welcome potentials.
Cantine Aperte 2017 in Toscana
Cantine Aperte in Toscana is very active, and this year for Cantine Aperte, the best Tuscan wines meet the comic! Authors and designers at the International Comics School in Florence will be amazed by their wine-themed works. Come and visit us in the most beautiful wine cellars of MTV Toscana to experience a day of “Wine at Comics”.
Thanks to this partnership, the School will make available to the comic strips that will split into the cellars open on the last Sunday of May. Each cellar will have a different artist who will tell through the pictures the “comic” wine for the very least. A way to engage the visitor, but also to show that the communication of this great product, wine, is changing.
In addition to the artistic demonstrations of the cartoonists, the wineries participating in the event will organize many activities to counter tastes. From music to art, from country games to traditional dishes of every territory.
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Cantine Aperte 2017 in Toscana