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Photo “Animal friendship”, Renzo Ferrante, licence CC BY 2.0.

From 12 to May 15 in the  beautiful seventeenth-century garden of Corsini  Palace in Florence, which is a few footsteps by our Residenza d’Epoca Torre de’Lari, will entertain event  of craftsmanship where will participate some of the most famous artisan teachers of Tuscany, of Italy and of Europe.

The exhibition “Craftsmanship and Palace, artisan shops and them purchasing”  was born in the 1995. From an idea of Neri Torrigiani and promoted by the princess Giorgiana Corsini, which wants to revalue the figure of the artisan to our days. Insisting on the idea of a craftsmanship by his nature “modern” it doesn’t forget at all the fundamental element of the tradition.

Theme of this year will be “Flowers of orange tree” to promote the idea that the craftsmanship can concretely produce an ample choice of manufactured articles  realized handmade to create your own lists of wedding and personalized small gift given to guests as a remembrance of  your special  day . All this will teach you how to do all necessary for create your own and unique marriage.

The artisans will create a small place of their shop  to perform live demonstrations. Occasion for the public to learn all the secrets of the workmanship of unique manufactured articles,  also where the tradition of the historical works meets the innovation of the design and the new techniques. Florence in fact contains great handicraft traditions transmitted by teachers of exception. There are unique reality and never born again like Richard Ginori, which one you can order plates  and you furniture for a fabulous table, the atelier of Angela Caputi for a gorgeous  lingerie. Also Pagliai or Foglia for  silver wares or the ceramics by Paola Staccioli, the decorations from Thomas de Charles, precious engagement rings and nuptial faiths from Paul Penko. Without forgetting original ceremony hats from the company of the Consortium the Capello di Firenze or decorations with garish feathers from Mazzanti. For a perfume personalized there will be  Shop Parfume pharmaceutical of Saint Maria Novella or Lorenzo Villoresi, for a custom shirt there will be Flo and Flo…

Just to not forget some of many artisans selected in all this years by the Craftsmanship and Palace where also many others will  come from Italy and all over the world.

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All the participants of XXIII edition  will be invited to realize a special object inspired to the “flowers of orange tree.” This will be the fil rouge which will follow the visitor along the run between the avenues and the limonaies of the Garden Corsini, in search of ideas to compose a list of unique wedding and to choose unforgettable wedding favours.

 The guests which will visit the Event and stay overnight at Rezidenza d’Epoca Torre de’Lari, we will offer a small memory gift  according the style of the tradition,  realized by one of the traditional artisan shops that is still open in our beautiful city.


Also this year with the arrival of the spring  our Residenza d’Epoca Torre  de’Lari greets the 81° edition of the International Handicraft Trade Fair, the first fair certified in Italy by the 1931. Beside the traditional sectors the edition of this year has new areas espositive as Design Space: Home Decor, Graphic & Interior Design. The fair as every year entertains the greatest artisan in a magnificent and only location…the Sixteenth-century Fortezza da Basso.

As already well  notice our Residenza d’Epoca Torre de’Lari  enjoy in strategic  position for the one who wants to reach the fair without abdicating the evening calm of the park of ours Residenza d’Epoca.

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The electric traction cars, as Tesla, and those with hybrid engine, first among other Toyota, are having a major sales success. This because of their image smart, innovative and environmentally compatible.

auto ibrida in ricarica
auto elettrica in ricarica
electric car charge

They are then spread rapidly and are often used by guests of Torre de ‘Lari. In our private parking under videosurveillance, guests are free to recharge their car. You can do this simply and without any difficulty.

To access the charging is sufficient to ask at the reception, to be authorized to the electrical connection. To be certain of being able to be recharged we recommend you to book the service on CONTACT page of our website

Torre de’ Lari

It is a generic type of charging system with a three-phase supply with considerable power available. This connection allows you to load in a time up to 11 kW corresponding to a distance of over 50 km. So during one night you can completely recharge the batteries of a Tesla. Also within hours those of a hybrid car, prepared with the appropriate socket.

Soon, will be avaliable a Destination Charging of Tesla network, which plans to recharge his cars in many places. Infact, Tesla is working with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and resorts to make charging a simple destination as charging at home.

Go beyond recharging your electric or hybrid car at the Torre de’ Lari. Take advantage of this opportunity during your stay at this amazing Residenza d’Epoca !!

Tesla official site

In the Florence city centre are available several charging stations for electric vehicles. To find the location  for charging your car go on Entering “Florence” in the search field of the nearest charging station. By selecting, under the map, the boxes marked “Available” and “Occupied”, will display all the columns already proven and available.

The location of all the columns in the area of the City of Florence, can be made by checking the boxes “In Maintenance” and “Planned”. Remember that these are not yet active. The position of the columns is represented by an icon on the map. Clicking on it, you can see the type of the charging socket (type 3a for charging at 3.3 Kw or type Mennekes for charging to 22 Kw) and if the same socket is occupied by some vehicle charging.

Currently, the active columns in the municipal area are 173, for a total of 346 charging sockets.  267 of type 3a and 79 of Mennekes type. The columns  on municipal roads belong to the Italian interoperable network. So they can be viewed comfortably by any customer by means of a specific smart card issued by energy suppliers (Service Provider).

As every year Florence celebrates Easter sunday in a special way. The explosion of the cart is an ancient tradition, established for over 300 years. The decorated cart, called by the Florentines “Brindellone”, is  like a  small tower two or three floors high. aIs pulled by two oxen adorned with garlands throughout the city during the sunday morning.

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With the spring air, the next Saturday 4 and Sunday, March 5 returns the Florence Urban Trail  and Florence Urban Walking, a race to discover the most beautiful places of the city. Try the run into the night of 13 km and the runs of the day,  30 and 45 km, for the high-level sporting occasion between streets, squares and alleys of the historical center of Florence until you reach the hills overlooking the city.

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