Cinema agli Uffizi: 24 Free Appointments all from June 26 to July 19 in the Cort UFFIZI at 22.00, in the centre of Florence

Cinema at Uffizi cort for the first time in Florence’s history, outdoors and under the stars. From 26 June to 19 July, in the space between the Vasari loggias, in an area enclosed in a plant fence, there will be 285 seats to assist free (up to seats) at the projection of major filmmakers of the review “Open Cinemas” (beginning at 2pm): Films will be screened on an eight-meter-wide screen for four and a half to give their back to the Arno.

Open Cinema, after four very successful editions, has become a feat of Fiorentina Summer and moves the cinema to the Uffizi. The large public participation, often crowded on the gallery’s doorstep and the great quality of the film proposal, coordinated by FST with the participation of the major Florentine festivals, makes the event at the same time a popular aspect and an important cultural value, featuring rare films , Previews and thematic reviews, involving the 50 days of cinema, Middle Eastern Spring, Art Screen, People’s Festival, Middle East Now, NICE, the Tuscany System Foundation, which designs a square at risk of night-time degradation.

There will be films in the original language with subtitles in Italian or English, titles of various festivals such as Art Screen, Middle East, Cinema and Women, River To River, Florence Queer Festival, People’s Festival, Korea Film Fest, Nice, Festival Ethno music, Fiesole Prize Cinema Masters, Balkan Florence Express, Window on the North, Dragon Film Festival. Among the special events, the projection of the restored version of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s Aurora, on July 1st, with live soundtrack.

All Cinema agli Uffizi projections are free entrance with access until seats are exhausted.

Original movie with subtitles.

COMPLETE PROGRAM ON: Estate Fiorentina 2017