After a decadent period, due to the debts and the mortgage bearing down on the villa, coupled with the Second World War effects, the path of the lost dignity and pride begins with the Ciulli’s ownership.
After having renovated the façades and the roofing, current owners decided to devote the most exclusive and prestigious part of the villa to reception. With the recent renovation, they wanted to bring back the soul of something that once used to be the ‘life in villa’, the comforts and pleasures of living in a countryside which we can call also ‘city’. With an aim of keeping the warmth and intimacy of a private home, the renovations and the adaptation to new modern housing exigencies have been planned. With the same basics, the new furniture was thought and set up, with pieces of furniture and accessories already existing in the villa being favored. Hence, we tried to follow the line of a traditional ‘good taste’, although now obsolete, of a ‘civil modesty’ that has always characterized the Florentine way of living.