As every year Florence celebrates Easter sunday in a special way. The explosion of the cart is an ancient tradition, established for over 300 years. The decorated cart, called by the Florentines “Brindellone”, is  like a  small tower two or three floors high. aIs pulled by two oxen adorned with garlands throughout the city during the sunday morning.

Torre de’ Lari is a  perfect base for your Easter holidays in Florence, a great time for the pleasant spring weather. To book

The event’s roots are historical (Pazzino and the three flints from the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem) and religious.

The ceremony that you can enjoy now offers the same rituals as long long time ago. Around 10 o’clock in the morning, a priest use the three flints of Pazzino to kindle the Easter candle. That is used to ignite the coals that are located on the wagon. begin in that moment  a wonderfull parade trought the streets of Florence.  A procession with drummers and flag bearers and  city officials and representatives of the clergy.  The Holy Fire in the wagon will stop at Santa Maria del Fiore, the Duomo.

The cart, well stocked of fireworks, it stops and waits for the start of the ceremony inside the Cathedral. Around at 11 o clock, during the “Gloria” in the cathedral start the event. The archbishop lights from the altar with the sacred fire a rocket shape of a dove (the “Colombina” symbolizing the Holy Spirit). The Colombina flies out of the church along a wire and affects the cart in the square, creating spectacular fireworks!

If the ritual proceeds regularly all the fireworks explode.  This means a harvest rich and prosperous and good luck for the city and for its citizens. And ‘why every year, all hope in a  perfect explosion of the cart !