Residenza Torre dei Lari and Florence seen from the “eyes” of a drone, in a fascinating video. You can see the special position of Villa Strozzi Machiavelli, on the top of Bellosguardo hill, between the city centre and the green areas known as Marignolle.

The extraordinary position of Villa Strozzi Machiavelli, on the closest hill around the Florence city centre, is appreciated at the best by a videodone with a professional drone. That allowed to everybody to see the suggestive filming from the sky. You can see wery well the green areas around the building and the nearness of the city. It is possible thanks to this modern and clear comunication way.

The flight of the drone, going up in the sky, frist shows from every side the ancient building  of Residenza d’Epoca Torre de’Lari, than shows  the architectural value and the particular structure of the medieval tower in the center of Renaissance structure. The garden and the swimming pool, avaliable for the guests during the summer, are appreciated in every details.

You can see Florence from a beatyfull side when the drone film the landscape beyond the tower, and you can directly perceive how is close Residenza d’Epoca Torre de’Lari to the city centre, full of its famous monuments.

You can have a similar view, as the drone, from the rooftop of our medieval tower, which it takes its name the Residenza, visitable if you ask at the reception of Residenza d’Epoca