Summer 2017 will be remembered as one of the hottest in history, with temperature and humidity values that bring the heat perceived in the center of Florence beyond 40 degrees. This situation does not stop the flow of international tourists from all over the world to the center of Florence to turn the medieval town, visit churches and museums, admire the art and history of the Renaissance.

No one wants to give up so much beauty, but after hours in the sunshine and in the midst of thousands of other warmed visitors, the desire for a cool, relaxing, private environment and the comfort of a pool with water can become a true mirage.

Few have the chance to turn this dream into reality, the hosts of Residenza d’Epoca Torre del Lari are certain among them. The location near the center of Florence allows them to return to the Residenza for a few minutes to enjoy the shade of magnolia or to take a refreshing dip in the pool. In the air-conditioned rooms on the first hill there are always the ideal conditions for day and night rest.


Piscina_22072017_bThe climate of Florence is this, in summer, from June to August, the city is warm and sunny. Occasionally there may be some afternoon thunderstorms, and rarely some fresh and rainy days, especially in June and the second half of August. Daytime temperatures, when it is fine, and therefore very often, are elevated, given the distance from the sea and the location in a valley of the Tuscan capital: in fact often Florence is one of the hottest cities in Italy. All the years there can be days with maximum temperatures around 36/38 degrees, but sometimes it also reaches 40. In recent years the moisture values have increased, increasing the temperature perceived, but the night the temperature is almost Always on acceptable values.

You can see the updated weather forecast for Florence city center at the link:

Meteo Firenze