Salone Strozzi (Strozzi Hall)

The huge lounge more than 110 m2 higher than 9 meters is the epicenter of the manor, a large area which connects the two façades similarly principal of the villa – Carnesecchi on the west garden and Strozzi Machiavelli on via delle Campora. It is a truly “Ballroom” decorated with festive trophies panoply and plumed flabella, and it opens over the Giardino a Ponente (west garden).

Sala Machiavelli (Machiavelli Room)

also called either the Room of Music or the Room of Arts, for its elegant frescoes of trophy panoplies located in the center of the walls, represents the fitting tribute to the first wife of Lorenzo Strozzi, who inspired and became patron of the villa’s great restorations. As decorous expansion of the Ballroom, the Machiavelli Sala admirably fulfills the role of music room and the new role of domestic Library, or Reading Room, and Living Room.

Actually the room is not available for the guests because it is the base of the parachuting sport association Blue SkyDive Dream.

Sala Bartoli-Agorai (Bartoli-Agorai Room)

Work in progress…

Sala Carnesecchi (Carnesecchi Room)

also known as Spouses’ Room for the two fluttering doves frescoed in the center of the vault, is mainly used for breakfast in the morning and for possible receptions and buffet refreshments favored by the proximity of a modern and highly efficient service kitchen. For this reason, the room was furnished with a large central table and two varnished ‘cupboards’ already existing in the villa’s furnishing.

Giardino a Ponente (West Garden)

the garden is organized in the Italian style, with big lemon trees festively placed in the ancient terracotta-imprunetina (from the Impruneta’s area) pots and a monumental magnolia, which offers a comfortable shelter for relaxation. At south, the garden includes the charming Limonaia’s Gazebo – a delightful Jardin d’Hiver – which, during the warmer seasons, becomes meeting point for outdoor receptions. On the opposite side there is the domestic Peschiera, recently turned into a modern and highly efficient swimming pool with a large solarium allowing to comfortably enjoy the afternoon heat.

Piscina (Swimming pool)

Work in progress…