The electric traction cars, as Tesla, and those with hybrid engine, first among other Toyota, are having a major sales success. This because of their image smart, innovative and environmentally compatible.

They are then spread rapidly and are often used by guests of Torre de ‘Lari. In our private parking under videosurveillance, guests are free to recharge their car. You can do this simply and without any difficulty.

To access the charging is sufficient to ask at the reception, to be authorized to the electrical connection. To be certain of being able to be recharged we recommend you to book the service on CONTACT page of our website

Torre de’ Lari

It is a generic type of charging system with a three-phase supply with considerable power available. This connection allows you to load in a time up to 11 kW corresponding to a distance of over 50 km. So during one night you can completely recharge the batteries of a Tesla. Also within hours those of a hybrid car, prepared with the appropriate socket.

Soon, will be avaliable a Destination Charging of Tesla network, which plans to recharge his cars in many places. Infact, Tesla is working with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and resorts to make charging a simple destination as charging at home.

Go beyond recharging your electric or hybrid car at the Torre de’ Lari. Take advantage of this opportunity during your stay at this amazing Residenza d’Epoca !!

Tesla official site

In the Florence city centre are available several charging stations for electric vehicles. To find the location  for charging your car go on Entering “Florence” in the search field of the nearest charging station. By selecting, under the map, the boxes marked “Available” and “Occupied”, will display all the columns already proven and available.

The location of all the columns in the area of the City of Florence, can be made by checking the boxes “In Maintenance” and “Planned”. Remember that these are not yet active. The position of the columns is represented by an icon on the map. Clicking on it, you can see the type of the charging socket (type 3a for charging at 3.3 Kw or type Mennekes for charging to 22 Kw) and if the same socket is occupied by some vehicle charging.

Currently, the active columns in the municipal area are 173, for a total of 346 charging sockets.  267 of type 3a and 79 of Mennekes type. The columns  on municipal roads belong to the Italian interoperable network. So they can be viewed comfortably by any customer by means of a specific smart card issued by energy suppliers (Service Provider).