At the beginning of the twentieth century the beautiful villa set in via delle Campora (m. 113) passes to the canon Manetti and, after several vicissitudes, to Alfredo di Daniele Ciulli (1940) and to his successors.
The villa was inhabited by several prestigious lodgers, such as the painter Hans Joachim Staude (from 1930), who said that here he found the harbor in which to land after many wanderings. Here he used to invite his dearest friends, like the composer Luigi Dalla Piccola for concerts and music nights around the most beautiful piano which Albert Einstein gave to his sister Maja and that she gave in turn to her friend Hans. Here, even Lorenzo Milani Don-to-be shared with Staude promising pictorial experiences, as he painted a foreshortening of via delle Campora from one of the villa’s windows. Yet, here was Tiziano Terzani’s home, who married Angela, Staude’s daughter. It was Terzani who wrote a sort of epitaph for his father-in-law: “in this house the German painter Hans Joachim ‘Anzio’ Staude has lived from 1929 till his death in 1973, who in the people and hills around the house recognized the landscape he carried inside”.