Inside the City of Florence, which attracts many tourists every year, the Residenza d’Epoca Torrede ‘Lari  is located exactly on the path to San Casciano and the Chianti, easily accessible from the Via Senese or the Florence-Siena.

Wine, olive oil, sports, farming culture, folk traditions, this is the key that raises the tourism promotional plan and all the areas around the city, like San Casciano and Chianti that leverage identity rural Tuscan countryside, on the potential of an area that makes new collaborations and alliances with traders, farms and wineries, accommodation facilities, local associations that operate on the sporting front, historical, cultural and linked to popular culture.

This formula has proved successful for San Casciano, for example, which has increased the number of admissions to record more than 140 thousand visitors, even during periods traditionally not suited tourist influx, thanks to the thermal baths open all year.

Residenza d’Epoca Torre de ‘Lari  is located in a strategic position: you can take a walk downtown in the morning and enjoy a good wine in the Chianti in the afternoon. You discover how our location easily allows you to reach many beautiful places known and not, that will allow you to fully appreciate the city and Florentine countryside!