The Eastern Facade

The seventeenth-century facade on which stands the bipartite heraldic coat of arms of the Strozzi and Machiavelli families, united by the marriage of their heirs; a coat of arms placed above the elegant main door on Via delle Campora. The windows and the main door itself have important displays in Pietraforte, which was quarried on the same properties as Via delle Campora.


The Entrance Hall

From the main door on Via delle Campora (No. 30), it opens onto the monumental staircase through two very elegant columns of pietra serena. It has simple decorations frescoed in the 19th century with the coat of arms of the Fossi family standing out on the main door of the Strozzi Hall and traces, brought to light by recent restoration, of an older and far more committed decoration that repeats the perspective effect of a columned portico.


Grand Entrance Staircase

Door to the main floor with four convenient ramps in pietra serena takes light from two large windows open to the Arcetri landscape. The ceiling is frescoed with four figures, classically attired, surrounding the central one that depicts a young woman with a lighted lamp to offer her Vigilance to the guest, flanked by a white crane symbolically engaged in supporting a large stone so as not to succumb to sleep. She is accompanied by Cheerfulness stirring the divine nèttare, Hospitality opening her arms in a welcoming gesture, Peace in the act of holding out an olive branch, and Friendship offering the grains of the Punic apple.


The Garden

Arranged in the Italian style, with the large lemon trees festively lodged in the ancient terracotta imprunetina pots and the imposing magnolia offering shelter and inviting comforting relaxation.
The garden welcomes guests and becomes a meeting point-with a buffet or orchestral entertainment-for outdoor receptions in a large solarium that allows guests to comfortably enjoy the afternoon warmth. On the opposite side, and almost counterbalancing the usual, domestic Peschiera recently adapted to a modern and highly efficient swimming pool with fountain and water features.


Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is available to guests from May 1 until mid-October, located in the Italian garden and whose position guarantees perfect exposure to the sun throughout the day.
The pool is equipped with various water features: whirlpool corner, counter-current swimming and fountain with cervical massage.
The pool is also sanitized with ionized sea salt to eliminate the harmful effects of chlorine, so as to make the well-being of our guests better. Surrounding the pool, available to guests free of charge, are the shower, sunbeds and bath towels, which can be requested at the Front Desk.